I’m sure you already know this, the way we accept each other on the internet is the way God’s plan is supposed to work in our daily lives. We should always look at the heart of a person and never at their appearance. On the internet, we don’t usually know what the other person looks like, and all we can judge them on is their heart. We grow to care about others on the net because of their responses to us, and not because of how they look or what they have. We don’t know about another person’s personal life (unless they choose to reveal it to us) - how they live, where they work, what race they are, or what bad habits they may have. It’s sad but true, that the people we see in our everyday life we judge more harshly because we can see them and know their bad habits.

Life is soo beautiful when filled with friends, those who listen when you’re hearting, cheer you when you’re discouraged, humor you when you need a laugh, and welcome you whatever your mood, :) This morning i recieved first christmas card from kumareng raquel :) yay! thank you soo much mareng, may the love, peace and joy of christmas be yours and family!
Panawagan po! paki click nalang!

nga pala exam ko this Thursday, pray for me na sana di pwetwet ni claus ang e answer ko!
My friends, wishing you the very best for 2006