I really wanted to Thank you for the wonderful Christmas gifts and cards, I enjoyed it so much!!You are all a very special cyber friends, thank you soo much for your friendship, I suck at writing what I feel, but you have truly touched my heart with your friendship, I love you my friends, mwaahhh!!

Thank you for the cards;
Lanie G, Tess, Ligaya and mareng Bless

I luv this beautiful house
Thanks fafi Kadyo, Ann and kids

i luv the fragrance and sweetness
Thanks manay Neng aka princess choco

Hope you all are having a great week, some have had to go back to work and I remember how hard that was after having a holiday. New Years Eve will be with us shortly and we will be going into 2006. How time seems to fly the older we get. :)
Hope everyone had a good week and will have an even better New Years.
Peace and Blessings!!!