I have been tagged by Mmy-lei to write down my “5 weird habits”
Everyone has some really strange quirks, habits, here are mine:

1. I cannot sleep with pillow on my head, let the pillow in my feet and body prone sleeping position.

2. I have to admit i am terrified of the dark ,..without light i cannot sleep if im not covered in a blanket no matter how warm it is. I guess this is my weirdest habit. I want to change but i cannot.

3. Cracking every joint of my body i love to crack my ankle,. and moving my ears, especially in my right ear.

4. Picking up things with my feet especially when i’m cleaning, and i used to wipe a toilet seats when i go to other house or anywhere even its clean, i am kind of a germa fob when it comes to that, hubby said napakaarte ko raw ganun ba daw tayong mga pinay lol’s

5. When i leave my home i know i’ve locked the door but i’ll go back and double check.

Now, your turn guys; Ghie,   Pobs,   madame Carlota,   Esther and Ralp


My 2nd assignment from Kookie :)
Make a list of little things, the ones that make you happy,the ones that make you free.Then make a list of memories and things that mean to say,regrets and loves and what you’ve learned along the way.These are things that shouldn’t matter,yet these are things that are real: the color red, the sad look on his or her eyes, experience without wisdom, significant lost…….always pure and hopeful. It’s how we live every day ourselves.

Happy - of course with my hubby and family

Free - everything i want.

Memories - my beloved parents passed away.

Regrets - A life full of regret is certainly not what you desire, yeah? so i live life as much as i can without regrets. “God said, I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with my eye”.

Love - my life with hubby Jean, family and friends.

di ko na ‘to ipasa kaya period na dine. :)

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