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*Perfect Lover*

I was tagged by Nicely :) ganito daw yon…

1.) The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover
2.) Need to mention the sex of the target.
3.) Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their Comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4.) If tagged the 2nd time, theres no need to post again.

Target: Male

1. syempre gwapo kahit pangit ako…
2. syempre marunong magluto kahit ako na ang maglinis sa kusina.
3. syempre mabait at takot sa akin hehe…
4. syempre matalino.
5. syempre hindi kuripot.
6. syempre mahal din nya mga kapatid ko.
7. syempre Lab na Lab nya ako.

Ipasa ko ‘to kay Mmy-Lei,   manang Ghie,   mareng Bless,   madame Carlota at    Lutchi at gusto ko sanang isali si kumareng Raquel, eh nagdadalawang isip ako super tamad kasi yon kahit padalhan ko pa ng bazooka, kaya bahala na sya.
Guys gawin nyo ‘to ha, ang tamad gumawa papadalhan ko talaga ng bazooka., si nang Ghie pala ang founder ng bazooka! :)
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Patalastas: may bago akong pexils tutorials na medyo kunting laki sa muta ko, super liit kasi yong una kaya pinalitan ko :) paki view uli sa may Pages, (side bar) or click dito.
Happy Weekend sa inyong lahat.

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  • *Hi everyone*

    Guess it’s been a while since my last update, so much has been going on, I had some things that I needed to take care of.
    We spent our New Year at home and we had a nice dinner si churchill lang ang di na lasheng :) Then in the morning we visited to my parents inlaw. Actually, I’m still recovering from the holidays “sigh” :)
    It is another cold morning here today the sun is shining though but not warm enough so I can’t complain too much .. Now if only the laundry and vacuum would take care of themselves I’d be one happy ethel :) sounds lazy, huh! :) Guess for now I need to go and see about getting
    some laundry started,.
    Advertisement muna, lol’s maraming nag email sa akin pano gumawa ng pixels :) kaya may simple tutorials ako paki view nalang sa may Pages!


    Three things in life that, once gone, never come back -
    1. Time
    2. Words
    3. Opportunity

    Three things in life that may never be lost -
    1. Peace
    2. Hope
    3. Honesty

    Three thing s in life that are most valuable -
    1. Love
    2. Self-confidence
    3. Friends

    Three things in life that are never certain -
    1. Dreams
    2. Success
    3. Fortune

    Three things that make a person -
    1. Hard work
    2. Sincerity
    3. Commitment

    Three things in life that can destroy a person -
    1. Alcohol / Drugs
    2. Pride
    3. Anger

    I love you all and wish you the ” beary ” best for a great week

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  • SweetKendi

    I Joined

    BisdakPlanet Foundation aims to help our less fortunate “kababayans” and is dedicated to helping the Filipino children.

    Litratong Pinoy





      Hello I'm a mother of identical twin boys Marc and Mike. Yeah,double blessing but also a double challenge. My house is still a mess!
      -One of the coolest parts about being a mom of twin boys is that I have an escort for each arm.- (N.T)

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