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keen sense of simplicity…

What would bring you joy now?

money brings you happiness?

…it gives you only freedom to do what you want and have more experiences,
and, makes life more complicated.

I’ve learned….whatever you face, from life’s daily irritations,
as you trust in God’s faithfulness that make life so spectacular.

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  • Don’t be afraid…

    What you fear most intensely and most persistently, you will likely create as a result of the energy and attention you give to it. If what you fear is mostly imagined, quickly let go of that fear before it makes itself real.

    Listen to your fears and learn from them, but do not live with them for prolonged periods. Give your life’s energy not to fear, but to your highest hopes, desires, dreams and positive possibilities.

    Have respect for that which can harm you. Yet do not spend your life running from it or fighting against it.

    Rather, spend your time moving quickly forward, running toward your dreams. Put your focus on the actions you can take to reach those dreams.

    Then your fears will naturally recede into insignificance. And your dreams will come magnificently to life.
    – Ralph Marston

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    BisdakPlanet Foundation aims to help our less fortunate “kababayans” and is dedicated to helping the Filipino children.

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      Hello I'm a mother of identical twin boys Marc and Mike. Yeah,double blessing but also a double challenge. My house is still a mess!
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