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Happy Monday

Big howdy to all dear friends. :) Things here are pretty good.
We seem to be getting a li’l relief from heat, cold and wet here *brrr…*
I would like to share our pics in Paris. :P

Click to view more :P

Click again more pics here :P

big big hugs to all and I wish you all the best for a great rest
of the day/evening. :) :P

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  • *Happy Hump Day*

    There are people we meet
    who look perfectly happy on his/her face.
    But on the inside, they are wrestling with
    feelings of great sadness.
    Putting on a brave face and hiding behind
    a convincing smile. DO YOU?

    *Im so excited sa trip namin to Paris this Saturday* :)

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  • *Movies*

    This was passed to me by
    Jnet and i would like to share y’all my 5 favorite movies. :P

    *When Diana McGowin got hopelessly lost driving home, she knew something was terribly wrong. Because she was only fifty-two, the doctors did not suspect Alzheimer’s . After three years of tests they concluded she had a rare form called “early onset” which can strike victims as early as their thirties.*

    *Connie Sumner (Diane Lane) travels to New York City from the suburban home she shares with her husband Edward (Richard Gere) and young son Charlie (Erik Per Sullivan). It is a very windy day and, caught by a particularly savage gust, Connie falls and bumps into bookseller Paul Martel (Olivier Martinez) in the process. She scrapes her knees, and Paul invites her into his apartment. She stays only briefly, leaving after attending to her knees. She passes the accident off as trivial to Edward. But, she is drawn to the younger man and soon returns to his apartment with eventually disastrous results.*

    *Three people…one triangle.
    A wealthy and powerful husband…his wealthy and brilliant wife.
    A wife pursuing an affair with a struggling downtown artist…
    …and a husband who may know what’s going on.*

    *Jim proposes to Michelle and she accepts. Now their families are looking forward to it as is Jim’s friends, Kevin and Finch. They do their best to keep Stifler from knowing but he does and all he sees is the bachelor party that goes with it. However Jim is more concerned about whether or not Michelle’s parents will like him and he is also worried that he can learn how to dance before the wedding.*

    *Faithful to the Bible story of the Passion and death of Jesus, it fills in many details and is edifying and inspiring beyond belief; plus, it is surprising and heart-rending. It will melt a heart of stone.
    The passion of the cross, however, was not an act of redemption. It was an act of glorification. There is a difference, and the difference is basic to an understanding of the event. For man is not redeemed because the Lord came into the world and sustained the agony of the cross; but man may be redeemed because the Lord came into the world and by means of temptations admitted into Himself, glorified His Human and made it Divine.*

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