~Happy Weekend~

Its cold outside so we had only a little walk with my buddy, i was playing with my psp today and following some tutorials from my membership site while hubby is always a chief cook Eph. 5:28 Husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies; he who loves his wife loves himself. he’s the one who shared me this verse, so let him cook till i become chunky
Well, below is the result of my work…guys i give more time to work on this, anyway the result makes me satisfied, not so bad You can snag it if you like just click the image, also more snaggable cuties on my gratis page look the right side of this page. So, friends wishing you all a happy weekend and more blessings. God Bless…

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  • Happy Thursday!

    Yahoooo…today is holiday in Luxembourg ’till tomorrow, so am not alone here! We had a walk today in a mini forest of Bonevoie close to our home just 5 minutes drive, my buddy very happy jumping and running around in the forest. The weather today not so bad but still cold for me “brrr” we’re still waiting the sunny summer i hope so….Here a few pic of my buddy and hubby
    I wish you all a pleasant day! God Bless…

    *My buddy with his favorite ball*

    Hubby and buddy *give me a break*

    *very tired my four legged boy*

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